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“Hello…? Hell--“
Those were my last words before it all happened…

“Just a little closer…” I thought to myself as I was climbing the window.
I don’t like living this way. I don’t want to live this way, but I have no choice.
The window was locked, so I had to crack it open with one of my special tools, a small, glass-cutting knife. I made a circle shape, big enough for me to slide open.
I took the glass piece and left it outside, so in case it falls, it won’t fall in the house and wake someone up. Holding my breath, I slowly entered the house through the hole, making as less noise as I can. I let my breath out and looked around the room. “It is just like the rumors say…” I thought to myself. The house looked tidy, very shiny and seemed like there are a lot of things to ‘borrow’… I rubbed my hands together in excitement, but before even beginning, I went to look through the house rooms.
As surprising as it might be, the house was empty of people. Apart from me, that is. I let out a sigh of relief. “Now, the real fun begins…” I said to myself, still quietly as if someone is in the house. “What to take, what to take…” I began lurking around the rooms to find what looked most expensive yet small, so I could carry more. In one of the rooms, I found a diamond ring. In another, a golden watch, from a good company too. The last room, which was the bedroom, I didn’t find much, surprisingly. The room was as if empty, apart from the bed, closet, drawers and a lamp on the window, which didn’t even look expensive.

*Ring Ring*

Out of fear, I jumped in place and my heart rate rocketed sky high.

“What the hell was tha--”

My eyes widened as I saw where it came from.

“A… Phone? That wasn't here before…”

The phone was on the drawer and kept ringing, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I didn't remember a phone being there when I walked in… And I would remember it, because it was a phone from maybe 50 years ago. Nothing that will be worth anything, unless it has some historical value or something.
*Ring Ring*
Even after a few minutes it kept ringing with that obnoxious sounds, I was almost tempted to just answer and fling it down, but that would seem too suspicious.
Finally, after searching all of the room, I could get out of here. I had enough on me to keep me alive for a few good months. “Finally” I sighed to myself, the phone was still ringing. I went to the door to exit the room.

As I touched the doorknob, the door opened with great force, so much I was flung back, the door slammed on the wall and then closed itself loudly. The force from the door threw me back so much I hit myself on the drawers, grunting in pain for a few moments. The phone on the drawer fell from my hit and landed on my thighs.

“Gah…” I held my head which was spinning for a moment. I looked down and saw the phone on me, still ringing and shaking which made me feel uncomfortable and angry.
“I’m not answering you!” I yelled as if talking to someone and shoved the phone to the side. Weirdly enough, the phone didn't have a cable, and the receiver didn’t fall off. The phone kept ringing and I grinded my teeth together, standing up and cleaning myself from the dust on the floor.
“I’m not staying here a second longer.” I said out loud, marching quickly towards the door, grabbing the handle with the fake confidence I had, but before I could open it, there was a flash of lightning from outside. For a split second, in front of me very eyes, I could see a figure… It didn't look human, it was as if I was looking into deep space. I jumped again backwards, my blood frozen and my face pale as a ghost.
I couldn’t speak, I was too scared, my hands and knees were shaking, and my heartbeat was as fast as ever. I didn’t dare get even close to the door again. The phone was still ringing, so I turned around and my eyes nearly flung out as I saw it.
My eyes filled with tears from fear. The phone was standing right in front of me in the middle of the room, and on the floor there was writings in blood, fresh blood.
Was written. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared for my life. I fell on my knees in front of the still ringing phone, and after a few minutes, I finally had the courage to answer. I gulped and reached for the receiver, a slight crack was heard as I picked it up. I pressed it against my ear, my hands and voice still shaky.
There was no answer, and after a minute I spoke again.
“Hello…? Hell--”
Before I could even finish the words, I could hear unimaginable voices, little kids screaming, the sound of breaking bones, the sound of knives slicing and blood pouring on the floor, as if I was watching a horror film. The sound didn’t come from the phone, it was in my head and I could hear everything clearly. I yelled at the top of my lungs and threw away the phone, holding my head, still hearing the horrible voices, yelling and yelling…
After a few moments it stopped. My throat was sore and I collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily and still holding my head which was pounding as if a truck hit it.
That was the first thing that came out of the phone. Every single hair on my body stood as I heard that voice… A terrifyingly calm voice that wouldn’t even appear in my nightmares.
I crawled into the side of the room, hugging my knees with my hands and whining to myself.
“This isn’t happening… This isn’t happening…”
The horrible voice called my name.
I yelled and a tear fell out of my eye. I kept sitting there, sobbing for a few minutes, and everything was dead silent. Opening my eyes was not an option, I was too scared. I felt something touch my head. It wasn’t anything solid…
I felt it again and again a few times. “Something is dripping on me…?” I reached my hand out to touch my hat and returned it. I opened my eyes to look at the substance, but it was too dark to see.
I looked up to see where it’s coming from, and there I saw it…
I was nearly about to vomit as I saw what was… Looking at me from the ceiling.
It had grey skin color. Its mouth was shaped in the weirdest way I’ve ever seen, it seemed like it’s always open though it had no teeth at all. The thing that terrified me most was its eyes… It was as if I was blind looking into them, pure, pitch black darkness. The figure was not smiling nor frowning, as if it was doing… Both. I could see where the drops were coming from. They were dripping from his eyes. After a few seconds of blank staring, his face not moving at all, I realized what the substance was… It was blood. I couldn’t hold in anymore, I turned to my side and began vomiting on the floor, my eyes teary. The scent was horrible and I couldn’t move, I was scared, I was disgusted, I couldn’t do anything…

A few seconds passed before I stopped vomiting and sat back where I was, crying. I looked up again for a second and the figure was gone. My breath was heavy and my mouth tasted foul. I stood up and began running, unable to take any of this no more. I was able to open the door, finally, and I ran as quickly as I could, not looking back. I couldn’t remember which door was which, so I burst in the first door I could find.

The room I barged into was the bathroom, which I haven’t even been in. My mouth still tasted horrible and I had stains on my face from earlier, so I took the time to clean myself up quickly. I went up to the sink and splashed some water on my face and gargled some to get rid of the foul taste. After one more splash, I closed the sink and whipped my face with the towel on the stand.
I took a second to look at myself in the mirror, and I yelled and jumped back as I saw that it wasn’t my reflection. It was… It again, and it wasn’t my reflection as it either, because it didn’t jump back when I did. It looked different this time. The mouth wasn’t confusing anymore, it was… Smiling. The horrible dark eyes were still there, bleeding out like before, as if there wasn’t anything in them, and one of its eyes was covered with straight, dark, hair.
“You made a stain on my floor…”
It spoke again with the hellish voice.
“Leave me alone!”
I yelled back at it, full of fear. I could see clearly now that it was a human shaped figure, though the face just didn’t add up…
“Are you happy…?”
He kept talking, his mouth not moving, nor his face.
I spoke with a shaky tone.
“Do I look happy to you?!”
I answered with anger.
“I know why you’re here, Marcus…”
His voice didn’t sound like it was coming from the mirror, it was inside of my head again.
“You don’t know anything! Let me get out!”
I kept yelling, clenching my fist tightly.
He kept repeating my name in my head, over and over again.
“Marcus… Marcus…”
I couldn’t take it anymore, I snapped, running towards the figure and punching it as hard as I can with my right clenched fist.
I yelled from pain, the whole mirror broke down and shards slid into my flesh, some of the falling glass cutting my hand and arm. I drew my hand back and held it in pain, blood pouring from it quickly. I turned the water on again to wash my hand and calm the pain. It wasn’t helping. With all of my strength, I plucked the shards from my hand, yelling and grunting from pain as the blood kept pouring. After finishing, I washed my hand again, having no feeling of it but still feeling pain. I rushed through the cabinet to find something that might help. I found a bandage which I used to tie on my hand and pain killers which I quickly took. I stayed there for a moment, breathing heavily as the pain slowly faded away and the bleeding stopped, feeling numb almost.
“I… Won’t… Die here…”
I rushed to the door again and opened it, slamming it behind me to seem fearless now. I faced him twice. I broke the mirror. He won’t be after me now.

I finally found the door, the exit, my freedom, dragging myself towards it with all my might. I grabbed the handle and it was pulled with ease, a bit too much ease…

The handle broke from the door. It was in my hand and I was staring at it blankly.
Seconds later I lashed out and began yelling, throwing it and breaking a window with it.
“I’ll get out of here just the way I came in if I have to!”
I yelled and began running towards the broken window, jumping through it and closing my eyes tightly.
Seconds later I landed. I felt no pain, as if I landed on the same height I jumped.
I opened my eyes quickly, feeling liberated.
“I’m… I’m free…?”
I smiled and stood up, looking around. A moment later I fell on my knees again and I was smiling no more, my eyes with tears again. I was standing in front of a TV, the same TV that was in the house in front of the window I jumped through, it was as if I jumped into the house and not out of it.
The TV turned on and there was nothing but static. I knew what was coming, and so it happened. The figure appeared again in the static of the TV.
“Marcus… Are you happy…?”
I didn’t answer. The figure looked different… Again. This time it was clearly frowning, the facial features were still the same with those black-hole, bleeding eyes… Though this time his other eye was covered.
“Yes, I am happy.”
I answered and ignored the figure, walking towards the door. I had enough. I had enough of all of this. I marched to the window again, not even looking back at him. Before I could reach it, he appeared in front of me again, now he looked like how he did at first, and both of his eyes were covered.
“Are you happy, Marcus?”
He asked with that creepy, horrible tone. I took a step back from fear and felt my back hit something. I turned around, only to see him again, now with the smiling mouth and one ever covered.
He spoke again, I started moving sideways to try and avoid him. My back made contact with something again. I turned to it and it was him… With the frowning mouth and the other eye closed.
“Marcus, are you happy?”
He asked as well. I answered none of them, spinning around only to find there are not one, but three of him.
“Are you happy, Marcus?”
“Marcus, are you happy?”
They kept repeating their lines over and over in my head, slowly closing in on me, I kept spinning again and again, holding my head though not making a sound, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. I sat down and after what seemed like forever, they closed up on me, I looked up and I could see all of the standing there with their blank, not moving faces, still repeating their lines.
They leaned down and closed any light from entering the dome they created with their bodies.
“Do you want to be happy, Marcus?”
They all said at the same time.
I didn’t answer. I was too scared. I didn’t know what to do.
“Do you want to be happy, Marcus?”
They asked again after a while. After thinking enough, and accepting my fate, I sighed and looked up to them, opening my teary eyes.
“I want to be happy…”
I answered with a shaky tone, nearly whispering. A few moments passed and they replied to me.
“You will be happy, Marcus…”

It looked like they were spinning around, slowly fading away, but it wasn’t the house that I saw when they faded, but pure darkness. The floor under me faded away as well, and I fell into the nothingness.


“March 15th, 2009” I typed on my computer.

“Case A113 – Victim of what appears to be suicide.”
I got up from my chair and went to investigate in the hospital. As I arrived, the nurse greeted me there, though she seemed quite nervous.
“Sir… You have to take a look at this…”
She panicked and rushed me into the operation room.
“We thought it was an overdose of painkillers, but…”
She silenced as we entered the room and I dropped the pen. The body was stripped from clothes to be examined, and there was a large, stitched scar all going from his chest to stomach.
“Mother of god…”
I called and went to investigate closer.
“What could have done such thing?”
I looked at the nurses and doctors and they all nodded sideways, shrugging. I brought my view back to the figure.
“Open the stitches.”
As a detective who has seen cases like this, I knew it was the right thing.

His body was open quickly, as if the stitches weren’t professional at all, more handmade. I put my gloves on, knowing this is going to be messy. His body was open and all of his organs were in place, though there was something strange.
“What’s that…?”
I raised my brow at the weird object and went closer to the body, sliding my hand in between the organs, the doctors and nurses turning their heads away in disgust. I grabbed the object and quickly pulled it out, examining it in my hand.
“Is this a… Phone…?”
We all asked together, surprised that the now probably killer would plant a phone in his body. There was one thing tied to a phone, what seemed like a note. I grabbed it and read what was written on one side.
I assumed that the victim’s name was Marcus, but what does he mean by ‘Void’? I turned the note to see if something is written on the other side.
*Ring ring*
Welp, it's finally here. This piece of trash I've been working on for a few weeks, a few months ago.
If there are any spelling mistakes, feel free to yell at me as much as you'd like.

Art, of course, made by the one and only :icondemi-lune4: tons of awesome art on her page, check her out.

You may find the image in full resolution on her page, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE.

Hope you enjoy. Or not.
Roseturquoise Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Lol, today, I have listenned to a metal style I haven't known so far... and now, I have read my first creepypasta fiction x)
Delta565 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How are you people reading so fast, it takes me longer to read this then it took me to write this.

Anyway, whoever you are, you're awesome, for reading this, and for (I assume) liking metal.

Note meh if you wanna talk.
Roseturquoise Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Lol, depends on the moment I started to read the text ^^
Oh, you're very welcome =) weeell, regarding metal, I only love metaloid xD (: death metal satanic doesn't sound good to me ^^ )
I love talking x3 though I don't exactly know what I could talk about... except about my favorite video game character :D
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